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JUST like nature


Our favourites

shampoo & body natural soap

Greenloft Naturals is dedicated to crafting high quality, healthy and effective skin and hair care products that moisturise, heal and nourish your skin. ​My Soap products are hand-made using traditional methods and I am dedicated to sourcing the best quality plant oils and butters, pure essential oils, wild herbs and botanicals. Our soap-making method is gentle, cruelty-free, ethical, and 100% environmental-friendly.  


Nature's essence Scented Candles

Essential oils have such a powerful effect on our emotional and mental well being. Diffusing certain oils can shift your internal state from a place of stress and tension, into one  of peace, harmony and relaxation. This is at the heart of Greenloft scents, with each blend being carefully chosen to evoke the emotions into a harmonious state. Let the natural essence of essential oils take you on a journey of Calm, Balance, Clarity and Sensuality.



My aim in setting up Greenloft Naturals was to provide an alternative choice to the plastic, chemically polluted products that are mass produced, often with harmful substances.


There is a growing awareness of the impact they are having on our health, atmosphere and wildlife. With that in mind I set about formulating a series of products that are both natural, sustainable and have zero or little impact on the environment. 


Using botanical extracts, nourishing skin oils and butters, I create cruelty-free and paraben-free products that nurture and care for skin. My candles are individually crafted by hand, including the containers and are made with Coconut and Rapeseed wax, free from Paraffin wax or scent enhancers..


My custom scents in all ranges are created with blended essential oils.

“my favourite room spray I’ve ever had! The most fresh and unique scent that could only have been made with love”



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